May 2020

Protective equipment - conveniently packed, quickly available

filling and sealing machine speedpack tabletop


With our filling and sealing machine Speedpack Tabletop, currently required protective equipment - e.g. face masks - can be packed quickly and easily by hand. Link to the video

February 2020

Belt sealer MSCS with aligning guide for long sheets

belt sealer mscs


If endless sealing welds are to be produced, hoods shall be made or sheets joined, then the belt sealer MSCS - sealing device in combination with aligning guide rails - will be used. Learn more...

October 2019

Film sealing units with air exhaustion - even more effective

mv dust filter and rapid cleaning system


In order to avoid contamination of the ambient air and to prevent performance losses during exhaustion due to clogged filters, the film sealers are now available with an extra-large dust filter and rapid cleaning system. Request more information... 

June 2019

Closing big bags

folienschweissgeraet power sealer ist720 med


If hand sealers are not longer sufficient to seal big bag filling nozzles, the IST 1020 Med film sealing device can be used with a special equipment trolley. The bars of the trolley are so far away from the other that a pallet can easily be placed between them. The height of the platform for the impulse welding unit can be adjusted and pivoted. For more information concerning the film sealing device...

May 2019

Update of software for the Labormaster 3200

hottack test kopp labormaster3200


We are constantly working on the further development of our devices. For example, the latest generation of laboratory test instruments has now received a software update to make hot-tack measurement and the determination of sealing windows even more convenient. A clever data management increases the speed when saving and reading in complete test series. Maximum and minimum values of the sealing seam strength as well as averae sealing seam strength from all force/time curves of a test series are determined immediately and displayed on the touch panel of the Labormaster 3200. For more information...

October 2017

Hot sealing unit K600V with touch screen

heissiegelgeraet kopp k600v steuerung




 Easy handling thanks to touch screen with recipe administration, for more information...



September 2017

Hot sealing unit HSG Elektro in new design:

hot sealing unit hsg elektro


To get an even easier handling, two separate controllers have been installed to adjust time and temperature. More changes have been obtained with regard to optical aspects, please have a look at....



March 2017

New screwed cable between sealer and impulse generator:



By changing the cable between the sealer and the impulse generator we have achieved an improved connection: Until now the connection cable has been plugged in the impulse generator, now it will be screwed. The benefit: A possible break near the connection is avoided.

September 2016
Our new catalogue is available!

kopp verpackungssysteme katalog 2016


You will see: Some machines have been optimized, others can be found for the first time in our range of products or are shown in new design. To ask for a copy of the new catalogue....

May 2016
There is something going on in the field of belt sealers - D-series...

durchlaufsiegler d545

The version D555H is replaced by the new D545AH.

Using this compact horizontally working table unit bags are sealed in horizontal position. For more information...




January 2016
Focus on mail order business

speedpack hybride 01

Nowadays orders may be sent in written form or be transferred by phone or online - mail order business is steadily increasing for some time. In this branch it is very important to be in the position to make the ordered products in various sizes immediately ready for shipment at moderate costs. In case of a medium output rate the filling and sealing machine Speedpack Hybride is the right choice. To obtain more information...



September 2015

Have you already discovered our new service-page?

vorfuerraum kopp

In our daily work we are focused on service in all respects! Want to know which services we provide?
Take a look and convince yourself...

January 2015

Quick, easy, clearly represented: DATAVIS, visualization tool of measurement data

datavis hottack-messdatenerfassung

DATAVIS is a good complement for Labormaster 3000 and offers many advantages.

For more information...




December 2014

The year 2014 is nearly over...

fachpack stand 02

Plans have already been made for 2015. We will be represented on the fairs ICE in Munich, ANUGA in Cologne and FACHPACK in Nuremberg and would be happy yo meet you there.

More about the exhibitions 2015...



November 2014

Rotary belt sealer MSP Plus

durchlaufschweissgeraet msp plus

The rotary belt sealer MSP Plus now with continuous cooling even in case of low speed.

To get more information...





September 2014

Interpack 2014 - always worth a visit

Interpack booth 02

The Interpack fair in Dusseldorf is always a good occasion to meet customers and people interested in packaging machines or to present newly developed units. Our next trade fairs are... 






July 2014

82 pages filled with information: Our new catalogue

kopp verpackungssysteme katalog 2014

Our overall catalogue is a good reference guide for all machines and appliances for packaging using film material. Haven't you obtained your own copy up to now? Then take the opportunity... 







Study trip of the "Duale Hochschule Stuttgart"

Duale Hochschule Stuttgart bei KOPP

As guest at Kopp Verpackungssysteme: Prof. Dr. Manfred Reichert with students of the “Duale Hochschule Stuttgart”, studying packaging and automation technology, during a machine demonstration.






 Spring 2014

Kopp on twitter....







 March 2014

New version of hot sealing unit K600V available: "horizontal"

heissiegelgeraet kopp k600v horizontal

The hot sealing unit with air exhaustion has been modified according to the wishes of a customer: The heavy bags can be put on a plate and be let horizontally from the front to the exhaustion and sealing device.




 January 2014

Hand sealer HZ with new coating of sealing bars

handsiegelzange hz 01

Thanks to internal reinforcement with ceramic fibers wear resistance of coated sealing bars has been increased. This way the non-stick characteristics have been improved leading to a longer service life of the sealers.   



 December 2013

New handle for approved hand sealer HZ

handsiegelzange hz kopp s

Thanks to the new coating made of polyurethane the handle keeps cool. A further advantage: Improved feel of the surface and, therefore, better grip.




 September 2013

The new hot sealing unit HSG Elektro

Hot sealing unit HSG Elektro KOPP Verpackungssysteme

Compact, powerful and easy to use: With the hot sealing unit HSG Elektro you can even close your bags made of paper composite material. No compressed air supply is required and operation is very easy.

 August 2013

NEW: Hand sealer SZ Control

Hand sealer SZ Control KOPP Verpackungssysteme

The proved and tested hand sealers of series SZ are now available in a further developed version as SZ Control. Up to now you have only had the possibility to adjust the sealing time - with the new version you can set temperature and time. The big advantage: You will get best sealing results without facing the necessity of readjustment due to changes in temperature during operation. And last but not least: No wearing - no subsequent costs.


 June 2013

Film sealing unit TSG smart in stainless steel design

Film sealing unit TSG smart in stainless steel design KOPP Verpackungssysteme

We are always prepared to respond on customers' demands: For this film sealing unit TSG smart already used on customer site we have not only made the housing in stainless steel but also the sealing bars and the cutter. A further interesting detail is the trolley with adjustment via screw shaft offering a very wide range of working levels.


 June 2013

NEW: Strip cutter

Labormaster strip cutter KOPP Verpackungssysteme

With the recently designed strip cutter test strips with a width of 45mm for use on the Labormaster 3000 can be cut. Inside the small and compact cutting device two blades are arranged in parallel and they care for an exact cut of the strips.

 May 2013

Series K600: With quick release unit for sealing bars

Hot sealing unit K600 quick release unit KOPP Verpackungssysteme

Thanks to this unit an easy and fast change of sealing bars is guaranteed. Whatever sealing surface you desire - smooth or longitudinally grooved: In a little while you will achieve the desired results!

 February 2013

New design: Belt sealer MSC Plus

Belt sealer MSC Plus with table stand KOPP Verpackungssysteme

The new belt sealer MSC Plus convinces with even easier handling: Thanks to the new handle made in stainless steel the weight of the unit has been reduced and used in combination with the newly designed table stand the sealer can be infinitely pivoted and be adjusted in height.

Autumn 2012

Further development: Shrink wrapping units DEMPACK

Shrink wrapping unit Dempack H20 KOPP Verpackungssysteme

The follow-up models DEMPACK H20 and DEMPACK H25 require even less space than the former units thanks to the very compact design. Due to the two fans integrated you will obtain constant and improved shrinking results. A further advantage: Thanks to reduced prices, purchase of a shrink wrapping unit DEMPACK may be of interest for you!

 April 2012

Now available: New set of embossing characters for series HSG

Hot sealing unit HSG embossing characters KOPP Verpackungssysteme

The printing possibilities using the embossing characters for series HSG have been increased: Embossing of icons placed below the sealing weld is now possible. Therewith, your marking will become clearer than before.


 Spring 2012

Shortly available: TSG smart - the succesful film sealing unit TSG in new design

Film sealing unit TSG smart KOPP Verpackungssysteme

The bag is fed from the side, closed with a sealing seam of 5mm and the excess length is cut - finished!