Overview automatic packagingmachines

  • AVM 190
    AVM 190

    compact vertical forming, filling and sealing machine

  • AVM 350
    AVM 350

    vertical forming, filling and sealing machine

  • CO 100
    CO 100

    flowpack machine for high capacity

  • CO 100 BB TG
    CO 100 BB TG

    packaging machine for high-end application

  • CO 130 BB TG
    CO 130 BB TG

    horizontal flowwrapping machine for bundles

  • CO 50
    CO 50

    flow wrapping machine for many fields of application

  • CO 50 BB
    CO 50 BB

    with film feeding from the bottom

  • CO 90 E
    CO 90 E

    candy wrapper for hard boiled candies


  • ME B-series
    ME B-series

    fold wrap for pharmaceutical products

  • ME BX-series
    ME BX-series

    overwrapping machine for quick change of packing size

  • ME EVO 125 FF
    ME EVO 125 FF

    overwrapping machines for sweets

  • ME LX-series
    ME LX-series

    overwrapping machine for folded boxes

  • ME Semi-Auto
    ME Semi-Auto

    semi-automatic overwrapping machine

  • ME TM 100
    ME TM 100

    overwrapping machines for cosmetics

  • Speedpack Hybride
    Speedpack Hybride

    filling and sealing unit for tubular film