Horizontal flow wrapper CO 100 BB TG

KOPP horizontal flow wrapping machines CO 100 BB TG

  • For all models marked with "BB": Film is supplied from the bottom, therefore, this model can be perfectly used to wrap very small parts and packings with several goods.
  • The products are transported on a film carpet through the machine, therefore, they can not get lost or fall down before the bag is completely closed.
  • BOX MOTION cross sealing system. The sealing jaws move together with the product forward.

Flow wrapper, Technical data

Technical data

CO 100 BB TG


max. 60 bags/min.¹

Bag length

80 – 480 mm

Product dimensions            (W x H)

max. 250 x 120 mm

Film width

max. 700 mm

1 = Depending on film, product dimensions and bag size.