Overwrapping and Bundling machines

falteinschlag mustersammlung

There is no doubt that the most attractive way to pack products in film material is overwrapping. As the film fits tightly on the carton, the overall presentation of the products is extremely good.

Furthermore, overwrapping is not expensive and the energy requirement is low compared to shrink wrapping procedures. In addition a low radiation of the heat and the quick reaching of the working temperature are among the most important advantages.

Rectangular or almost rectangular products as well as packages of several cartons can be overwrapped with these machines. The field of application is wide: Used in the food and non-food industry – these installations can be found in nearly all kinds of industries to wrap singular items or several items in one package (multipack).
Traditionally the role of the overwraps has been to improve the points of sale impact, to extend shelf life, to protect against humidity and to eliminate the possibility of odour. As wrapping materials can be used heat-sealable films like Polypropylene, Polyethylene, laminates, aluminium films as well as coated and uncoated papers.