Automatic overwrapper ME - B-Series

  • Suitable for many heat sealable and sealable films such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, laminates, aluminum film, coated and uncoated paper.
  • Among the most outstanding characteristics is the cam controlled film draw. By the help of this standard feature, beyond doubt the best solution for the film transport, it is possible to cut the film very precisely (tolerances only +/- 0.5mm). Modes of operation: stand alone units as well as integrated in complete production lines for bundling and overwrapping of singular packs or multipacks.
  • The wide range of possible sizes and the quick change to another size without use of tools are important points in daily operation. Feeding of the product is done either in-line or from one of the two machine sides; standard from left-hand machine side optionally from right-hand side.
  • The various machines have the following wrapping speeds: up to 45 overwraps, up to 65 overwraps, up to 90 overwraps and up to 200 overwraps per minute.
  • Machine covering with four doors offering easy access.
  • Stored program control with display (four lines) and operators guide.
  • Sizes: Length 75 to 305mm (up to 450mm), width 55 to 205mm (up to 355mm), height 17 to 100mm (up to 175mm). 
    Film draw: 120 – 660mm. 
    Film width: 120 – 444mm.
  • Up to 50 overwraps per minute.