Heat sealer (hotbar)

heisssiegeln mustersammlung

Heat Sealing units with permanently heated sealing bars.

For heat sealable barrier films like coated aluminium (Alu/PE, Alu/PP…), coated paper, PA/PE, PET/PE and other barrier films. Also suitable for films accordingto DIN 55 531 resp. TL 8135-0003 or TL 8135-0006 A/B.

Bags made of these materials have high barrier characteristics: Nothing gets in and nothing gets out. Therefore, these bags are used for following products:

Chemical industry: Washing powder, detergents, car cleansers, agro chemicals, glues, etc.

Food: Coffee, tea, spices, cacao, cereals, nuts, baking mixtures, food for athletes, instant products, soups and sauces and other convenience products like olives, antipasti a.m.m.

Animal food: Everything which was kept in tins up to now.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Vitamins and taste are preserved thanks to the aroma barrier.
  • Maximum protection against humidity.
  • Less volume during transport and storage.
  • Attractive product presentation.
  • Possible to present in displays due to square bottom bags.
  • Careful sterilization possible.
  • Light-proof packing.
  • Up to 80% less waste.