Medical sealer

sterilgutverpackung mustersammlung

Today the "Medical-Sealers" of Kopp Verpackungssysteme are used for sterilized products but also in other sensitive industrial sectors e.g. food industry, pharmacy, electronics as well as fields where special films are used, such as aircraft construction and defence technology.

Suitable to seal different materials:

  • Peel-bags (e.g. paper/PE, paper/PP, Tyvek).
  • Thermoplastic films (e.g. Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC). Thin barrier films (e.g. coated aluminium films, PE- or PP-coated papers).
  • Perfectly suited for sterilized packings according to DIN ISO 11607 resp. EN 868 and DIN 58953 chapter 7