Vacuum packaging machines

vakuumverpackung mustersammlung

Food or non-food products, hard-ware, granular and technical products - the vacuum packaging machines of Kopp Verpackungssysteme show the advantages of vacuum packed goods.

  • Stockable
  • Space-saving
  • Reduction of transport costs
  • Better durability (corrosion prevention) during transport and storage.

Suitable for thermoplastic films such as PA/PE as well as thin qualities of aluminium barrier films.

The program comprises different models, so that for all demands in food and non-food industry the best suited machine is available.

Perfectly suited to wrap electronical parts and units, which have to be wrapped with as little oxygen as possible.

Sealing and vacuum time can be adjusted on each product and material.

Vacuum-control with the help of sensors for many vacuum chambers available.