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Way of packing

  • Flow wrapping horizontal

    Flow wrapping horizontal

    On the one hand chocolate bars, cakes or sausages and cheese must be presented in an attractive way, possibly to be sold in self-service stores, on the other hand strict hygiene regulations have to be observed.


  • Flow wrapping vertical

    Flow wrapping vertical

    From production directly into packing. For products which are permanently wrapped, vertical form fill and sealing machines are another step towards automation. These machines form, fill and seal bags in one operation at a very interesting price-performance ratio.

  • Shrink wrapping

    Shrink wrapping

    Shrink wrapping means, that due to the heat inside the machine, the semi-tubular film fits tightly around the product. The film reaches its full transparency, protects and enhances the product’s appearance.


  • Vacuum packaging

    Vacuum packaging

    Food or non-food products, hard-ware, granular and technical products - the vacuum packaging machines of Kopp Verpackungssysteme show the advantages of vacuum packed goods.

  • Industrial packing

    Industrial packing

    Mobility and readiness for use are the special characteristics of these portable hand sealers. The sturdy and improved technology make them indispensible. Where mainly manual packaging is required, for manufacturing of watertight and air tight transport packings and seapackings.

  • Impulse sealing

    Impulse sealing

    The wide range of film sealing units of Kopp Verpackungssysteme reflects the wide range of application: from despatch departments in industry up to retailers. The customer’s demands are always focused on.

  • Sealing sterilized products

    Sealing sterilized products

    Today the "Medical-Sealers" of Kopp Verpackungssysteme are used for sterilized products but also in other sensitive industrial sectors e.g. food industry, pharmacy, electronics as well as fields where special films are used, such as aircraft construction and defence technology.

  • Heat sealing

    Heat sealing

    Heat Sealing units with permanently heated sealing bars to seal laminates, barrierfoil ...


  • Rotary sealing

    Rotary sealing

    Belt sealers produce endless sealings on many different materials for hoods, covers and tarpaulins e.g. in the field of exportpackaging. Of course belt sealer can also be used closing bags in series.


  • Test of tensile strength

    Test of tensile strength

    Tests of tensile strength (hot-tack/cold-tack) for flexible packaging materials are very important in research, development and quality control. Significant and reproducible measured values, precision and parameters which can be reproduced thanks to calibration are essential.